I'm Alan, an art student who turned long distance driver. A lonely life, with strangers for company, passers-by as friends, but Stars of the Road to guide you! A closed profession really. I was lucky to be in at the end of the golden era of Road Haulage.  In those days it was a grand job - fantastic memories that never leave you. After 20 years on the road I went back painting, covering the one subject I knew. No still-lifes or nudes - instead Lorries and roads. We made our own unique touring gallery to local country fairs with a fixed display of originals to try and get work. We sold pictures at art shows, with an exhibition in the Medway Towns. Then our family began a new life travelling our gallery nationwide. No-one else was doing this then. All uncharted territory. At first we went round from April 'til November, mostly to the North. After a few years we settled for half a dozen good rallies, selling prints, cards, paintings and books, with winter calendar delivery trips. In all we travelled the show 22 years, getting the work to do, meeting some amazing folk and making some really good friends. It has been a bit of a hard living to make, but the Charmed Life.

Eventually Colleen and I met. Once or twice she came as a driver’s mate. The painting, in Flashe Vinyl and framed in Hemlock, shows us going by the fog bound Windwhistle pub high up on the old A30 near Crewkerne. We were away for the week delivering and not long married.